Oh my days! I was just looking back at my Instagram from the beginning of 2017 and my old posts are haunting me…

I had posts along the lines of

  • Mums in Business hustle
  • Juggle and hustle
  • Good things come to those who hustle
  • Mother hustler!

Yikes – Cringy!!

Now this isn’t a sudden change of heart towards my business. I think deep down it’s been eating away at me for some time, it’s only whilst I’m still in a state of reflection looking back over 2017 as a whole as it hit me hard on.

It all started during a conversation a few months ago that I had with my friend Jenny about working long and hard hours. And I remember pretty much straight after I seen an Instagram post (as you do) and it referred to alignment. I snapped a screenshot and sent it to her as a way of giving her a virtual hug. She was on the right path!!

Now have you ever looked up in the dictionary the meanings for hustle or hustler? I just did on google and let me enlighten you…

HustlePush roughly, jostle. Obtain illicitly by forceful action. Engage in prostitution.

HustlerA person adept at aggressive selling or illicit dealing (small time hustlers trying to sell their stuff), A prostitute.

I don’t know about you, but I for one no longer want to be comparing the way I run my business to such terms.

I know a lot of us often refer to the ‘hustle’ as working hard but as of now, for myself, it will be a HUGE no go word.

I am going to focus on the grace of my work efforts. Yes I do work hard, but it’s because of the passion and dedication for both my clients and the work that I do. Not because I’m in hustle mode.

So from this day on you will only ever hear me use the phrase hustle whilst used in the following context… ‘Less Hustle and More Grace’


Happy alignment ladies <3 Love Iona xxx