Are you a mum? Are you running a business? Is it the summer holidays?


This short, sweet and straight to the point blog dives deeper into the real truth of the real life struggles we face as a mumpreneur during the summer holidays.


It’s hard work


Running a business is hard work on the best of days but throw in the summer holidays and it becomes harder on the next level. You’ll miss the school day routine, the kids are up later at night, they are up earlier in the morning and believe me spending that extra 8 hours per day with them is going to drive you insane.


Your clients will overload you


Yep that’s right… It always happens at the most inconvenient of times; it is as if they know you are on limited availability. All of a sudden your entire client base will need some sort of work completing as an urgent life or death matter and you’ll be swamped. This is something I really didn’t anticipate for this year. Argh!


Yawn, yawn, yawn!


Work, work, work, work, work, you see me I be yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn! I’ve tweaked Rhianna there but it’s the truth, I’ve never worked so many hours. I’m up until gone midnight sat at my laptop working and back up before 7 on a daily basis… What is that all about? (Oh yeah that work overload I mentioned).


Count those pennies


No really, it’s all you’ll have left. Either you’re too busy to tie up the loose ends on your workload so you are delayed on your invoicing or your clients will have holiday plans that will become a priority. Don’t even mention the extra childcare costs. Sorry bank balance, I miss you too.


Hello croissants


Who has time to cook when you’re rallying around after the business and your children? This week I have lived on individually wrapped chocolate croissants, those really tiny ones you can buy in the supermarkets and cheese and onion crisps. Who wants a yummy home cooked meal anyway? At least I’m avoiding the pile up of dirty dishes.


Carpet crumbs


My current pecking order – Work load, kids sleeping, me sleeping, kids eating, work admin, me eating, charge electronics (to entertain the kids). No housework on there what so ever, maybe it is time to hire a cleaner? Please note that visitors are not welcome to my house at this moment in time to avoid the embarrassment. Oops!


Did you guess already I’m starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed? I’m literally counting down the days until school starts now but it isn’t all doom and gloom I promise.


This is just a reflection of my life this week and I’ve written it as a bit of tongue in cheek; it hasn’t been too bad up until this point thankfully.


Please, please, please share your summer holiday stories with us <3 Love Iona xx