The start of a New Year for a lot of people normally symbolises a fresh start– New Year resolutions such as losing weight, joining the gym, saving money or to quit smoking I’d imagine are popular choices… But is that enough? Or is that even what you really want?

Resolutions or Goals?

Hello – I’m Iona and I am the main mum here at ‘Mum’s tax break’ Every single year I think up a list of new year resolutions like those mentioned above and it always ends up with the same result, I just lose money! I decide to lose weight, I sign up to a 12-month minimum gym contract that I use no more than maybe 6 times and I buy a 12-week countdown at the local slimming class that I stop attending after week 3 because I’ve had one too many takeaways! It’s got me thinking what is a new year’s resolution and are they just a waste of time?

After a quick nosey over on the Oxford Dictionary website, a resolution is a noun, meaning a firm decision to do or not do something.

That definition explains a lot (for me at least), If I use the weight loss as an example. My previous resolutions are as simple and basic as ‘Lose weight this year’ After week 3 I might have lost maybe 6 or 7 pounds, does that mean my self-conscious is ticking that off as complete and I’m dismissing it for the remainder of the year? After all, I have lost weight, I just didn’t specify how much I wanted to lose.

This is where goals become more interesting and appealing.

A goal is a noun, meaning the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

If I was to set myself a goal of maybe ‘Lose 2 stone by December’ would I be more successful in doing so as I know what the finishing line will look like?

For 2017, I am officially ditching the resolutions and instead putting some goals into action.

Now for the fun part

I think before you set yourself some goals you need to know what your perfect bigger picture looks like.

I’m a mum of two, I run a bookkeeping & accountancy practice around family life, I’m a home owner and I drive a Vauxhall corsa (Lovely car but as been known to be very unreliable), yet to be engaged.

What is my vision for the future? You’ll have to wait until next week to find out my perfect bigger picture but for the time being I’ll leave you with one tiny glimpse to what the future holds…

I have developed ‘Mums tax break’ as a way of giving self-employed, stay at home, working mums (just like me) a break from worrying about your end of year tax returns! Not only will I be offering an affordable accountancy service, each week I will be updating the blog based on monthly themes  packed with information, ideas and fabulous freebies! I advise you give yourself a 15-minute tea break with a KitKat to read each one through – Just by doing this alone I am giving you an overall 13 hours down time throughout 2017.

January’s blog theme as you may have already guessed is based around ‘New Year Goals’, Over the coming weeks we will see the lovely Beverley Jones from Awaken Life Coaching provide us with a how to guide on creating a vision board (This is when you will get to see my bigger picture too), Followed by my best ‘Go get them Goals’ hints and tips before we reach the daunting part of financial goals and planning ahead, but don’t worry I promise to make them as straight forward as possible. At the end of January as a Thank You I will be sending out all my subscribers a ‘Go get them Goals’ workbook including financial goals templates.

So yep back to that glimpse of my vision – I aim to build a list of 500 subscribers to ‘Mums Tax Break’ by the end of 2017.

If you would like to be part of that goal here is the link to the sign up form– We look forward to hearing from you.

Next week I will share with you my completed vision board, but before then why don’t you spend some time thinking about your vision – what YOU would like for the future, personal and business? Have fun and be creative, I can’t wait to hear all your ideas. Love Iona xx