Chances are if you have made it across to Mums Tax Break then you are a self-employed, work from home mum juggling all things family, business and housework.

Am I right? – If I am then please keep reading to see how I can give you some extra spare time.

Mums Tax Break is the ultimate accountancy package that will take away the overwhelming stress and panic of day to day bookkeeping, year-end accounts and annual self-assessment tax returns and all for an affordable, pay monthly price.

Mums Tax Break really is the perfect accountancy solution for work at home mums, with the additional bonus of a regular blog. The monthly themed blogs will cover mum related tax issues, general topics such as juggling the family and business and general mum chit chat. We also have some guest bloggers lined up too which is exciting!

mums tax break

Hello mums, I’m Iona and just like you I’m a self-employed, work from home mum juggling all things family, business and housework.

I know how hard it is to keep on top of everything & keep everyone pleased, both at home and in work, whilst trying to remain sane which is why I’m here to give you a break… From your taxes at least!!

(Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you with that HUGE pile of ironing that has been on the side unit for the last 6 weeks (but please if you know someone who can help with that – send them my way)).

I’m a mum of 2 – Declan who is 8 and Isla who is almost 3.

I’ve been self-employed running a small bookkeeping and accountancy practice for nearly 5 years now. Declan was just 3 years old when I was made redundant and the idea of running my own business was the perfect solution – I managed to pull everything together and was up and running within 6 weeks. By the end of the first year my income was more than ever and I was working less hours… Double bonus!

Business is still booming and these last 2 years I’ve noticed a real shift in my client base, I’m working with a lot of mums just like me and you who have decided to stay at home as much as possible and earn their own income! I love these new relationships I’ve built with ladies who are now also my friends.

Everything is so much easier and more relatable and I love meeting all the little ones and hearing all their stories. I’m sure my clients equally love just as much hearing about how Declan is addicted to modern technology and how little Isla sleeps, after all they too are experiencing similar issues and it provides us all with a bit of comfort knowing we’re not the only ones pulling our hair out! And please don’t even ask how many times Peppa Pig has been a main point of conversation, too many times to remember.

Mums tax break is about giving something back to work at home mums – I can give you time that would have been spent worrying & prepping your tax returns, etc. The sleepless nights, endless hours listing your piles of receipts either on excel or in a note pad and that built up feeling of dread you get wondering if HMRC will come knocking!

So please make yourself a quick cuppa, dig out the secret stash of biscuits tucked away in your cupboard and enjoy 5 minutes’ peace having a nose through the website.

And if that 5 minutes isn’t enough of a break for you… Then let me help you with your taxes!

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