I would say maybe 85% of my clients very often shout at me for offering my services at such low prices. I am a very affordable accountant – so much so, it has actually bit me in the bum over the last 12 months to the extent where I just had too much work on my desk! Personally, business isn’t just about a financial gain, it is about helping others.

Let’s take my lovely friend Pixie as an example. I met Pixie maybe a year or so ago. Pixie came to me as a trained bookkeeper and payroll clerk, she had decided to change directions with her career and was looking for bookkeeping and accountancy services for her new business venture. I could have very easily taken business from her that day, but I didn’t. Instead I gave her a gentle shake and told her to get on with it herself. Considering her bookkeeping requirements as well as payroll for numerous staff members I could have been £45.00 a month richer, but on moral grounds it would have been a wrong move and that really doesn’t sit well with me. We didn’t enter into any business arrangements that day but instead what we did come away with was a new friendship.

Now you might be thinking at this point ‘Mmmm what has this got to do with submitting a tax return?’ Just bear with me…

There are a lot of small business owners out there, especially mums who juggle the struggle. These businesses have fairly straight forward financials. And guess what? Submitting a tax return to HMRC is fairly straight forward too. It’s just daunting! And I completely get that.

There is absolutely no need to seek out an accountant and pay affordable prices (if you’re lucky enough to come across someone like me) or out of this world extortionate prices.

You just need a helping hand to guide you through the process, the do’s and the don’ts, the yes and the no and the final submission.

This is why I have created the ‘6 weeks to complete your tax return’. Our 6 weeks, do it yourself, complete your own tax return online course has been designed to breakdown the what can be very daunting process of preparing and submitting your tax return to HMRC into manageable, easy to action, bite size chunks.

Over the 6 weeks we will cover tax return basics, must have paperwork, sales income, business expenditure, annual adjustments and final submission.

At a cost of just £99.00 it is not to be missed. For full course content and details on how to enrol just click here!

In the meantime, I am giving you for FREE – A summary of the must have information you will need to complete your tax return in a checklist format. Yay!! Just complete the sign up form below.

Remember – Tax does not have to be taxing!!