How I Changed My Money Mindset With Denise Duffield Thomas

How I Changed My Money Mindset With Denise Duffield Thomas

I had big plans for April being the start of the new tax year, new software, new financial goals in place and some amazing blog ideas! 

It started off so well but come the weekend of Isla’s 3rd birthday party things started to slip! 

If you know me through social media you may have already picked up on my month long April bad mood – I felt over worked, over tired, over-stretched and basically just over crappy! And cash flow was non-existent just to add to the pain. This put me under immense pressure and my bills were bouncing back left, right and centre.

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Denise Duffield Thomas for nearly 2 years after reading Get Rich Lucky Bitch.

For those of you that haven’t heard of DDT, Denise is a well-known money mindset mentor.

The book Get Rich Lucky Bitch gives you an insight into how to become an amazing manifester just like Denise herself. It guides you through setting goals, clearing away bad money experiences and habits, feeling good about money and upgrading your life. 

I’ve tried on so many occasions to put everything into action but failed miserably. So it was without a doubt that when DDT announced in February that she was doing a live event in London in April I immediately booked myself a ticket and arranged travel arrangements. 

And the excitement didn’t stop there either – I was also crazy enough to join on to her Lucky Bitch Bootcamp! 

So back to my bad month, the event was on the last Saturday of April and come the Friday I spoke with my mum about childcare arrangements to find out we had crossed wires and she couldn’t have the kids overnight for me to catch my coach first thing Saturday morning! I was gutted, I had no one else available and spent the entire night crying, I felt like I was at rock bottom.

Saturday morning came and my Facebook news feed was jam-packed with so many amazing women all excited to be heading to London, Again non-stop tears! 

I don’t know what made me check my bank balance after such a bad month for money, but I did and to my amazement, I’d been paid £45 – Not a huge deal but after some googling was the exact amount I needed to get a one-way train ticket to London! Within the hour I’d managed to brush myself off, get the kiddies ready and off to my mums and found myself clutching my book as my train left for Paddington! 

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Had I really just manifested something? 

The event was amazing, So many inspiring women feeling empowered by Denise’s talk! And it keeps getting better, I had the opportunity to meet DDT, have a photo and she signed my book! 

I came home on the coach as originally planned and I could feel a huge shift in my energy! Even though I was absolutely exhausted, I felt a huge relief and I just needed sleep (I did actually drift off and woke myself up snoring – Oops)! May was going to be a new month for me and I was determined to leave Aprils troubles behind me. 

Late afternoon on bank holiday Monday – May 1st, The long anticipated welcome email for bootcamp came through! I was officially in and so excited…

In the introduction video, DDT quoted 

“Some people start learning lessons the day they start bootcamp” This hit a real nerve and I straight away opened my lucky bitch money tracker app and set myself an income goal for May! 

And what can I say, by the Saturday – May 6th for the first time ever I hit that income goal, in less than a week! 

All I had done in those 6 days was listen to the money mantra subliminal meditation each night as I fell asleep.

Had I really just manifested something? Again? 

I really couldn’t tell you for sure, I think I did, I hope I did.

This week I’ve pencilled in some time to start the weekly bootcamp exercises, I will keep you updated throughout the process and will share with you all of my money wins and successes! 

I’m planning on conjuring up an iPad Pro, gold addition to match my iPhone! I would say wish me luck but I’m going on the assumption I’ve already got it – just call me Lucky Bitch! 

If you fancy joining me on the above journey you can find more information on the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp here Please let us know in the comments if you sign up and how you are getting on.

Until next time, Happy manifesting, Iona Xx

Oh and P.S Did I tell you Isla’s birthday was the weekend of April 9th! Coincidence or what that my entire crappy few weeks was the exact dates of the second mercury retrograde for the year? Now that’s another blog post in its own right! Argh!