Ok this is something completely new to me but I think it will be a great add on to Mums Tax Break.


I’ve read a fair few personal development books these last 2-3 years and from each one I have taken away something different. If I can put those snippets of knowledge down into blog form and encourage you as my reader to then read such books and gain the same knowledge, I’m technically giving you a little something and I like that.


I have spent the last 2 nights cuddled up on the sofa reading ‘She Means Business’ by Carrie Green. Carrie Green is the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA). I think I started following the FEA on social media maybe a year ago, if you don’t follow them already, their posts are very pink and gold, full of inspirational quotes, daily tips and beautiful affirmations. 



I pre-ordered the book prior to its launch, this gained me access to the ‘She Means Business Book’ closed Facebook group which as I write this currently has 8,931 members. All of whom are female business owners with the same dreams and determination to build above and beyond successful businesses.


I also gained access to the ‘My Perfectly Planned 2017’ online course with downloadable workbooks, ‘The Business Pros tell All’ A series of online video training, workbooks and meditations from 25 of the worlds class experts and the “She Means Business Course’ a 28-day business challenge starting 01 March.



The book itself ties in with the FEA brand, very pink, white and gold. It is of high quality and feels very fresh and crisp to read. There are 259 pages broken down into 3 main sections including a brief introduction to the 28 day ‘She Means Business’ challenge. And of course in true FEA fashion the book is jam packed with inspirational quotes.


The first section of the book titled ‘She shows up for her dreams’ gives an in-depth story touching on Carries childhood and early years as a female entrepreneur. It is evident from the book that she has always had a strong and close network around her for support and encouragement – especially her father.  She talks about creating a business vision, all the struggles every business owner has on their journey and how she was able to overcome them using beliefs from the law of attraction.


The book is broken down into lots of little chapters, it is very easy to read and it allows you to stop-start (which is perfect when you have a toddler at the top of the stairs screaming down every 10 minutes or so). At the end of each chapter there is a ‘She Takes Action’ summary giving you key issues and points to action.  I haven’t seen this in a book before and I think it is a lovely feature.


Also at the end of the 3 main sections there is a checklist again to action various tasks, etc. Throughout the book Carrie refers to the resource section on the FEA website which features downloadable goodies to accompany the book itself.


The second section ‘She gets herself out there to shine’ is pretty much a how to guide with a 5 step action plan to follow in building up the main core of your business to where you need it to be – financially and successfully. Carrie details these lovely and adds in her own personal experiences as well as others for further understanding and illustration.


The third section ‘She’s unstoppable’ gives an overview of what it is like and how it feels to have reached your goals and get to where you want to be. She offers advice on how to keep the momentum flowing, overcoming overwhelm, celebrating a success and building a good network of mentors and business friends.


The book ends on the 28 day ‘She Means Business’ challenge which I am yet to read as I’m eagerly waiting the release of the online course to accompany it as mentioned above.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to others. Especially if you are at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey as I would imagine most of the content will be completely new to you. I am now even more intrigued as to what the FEA members course is like. One of the most important things I am taking away is to set myself a business mission.


I’ve read the book straight through, I’d advise maybe doing this too and attempt it a second time with a journal and pen to scribble down lots of notes and crazy ideas to get you started on your own personal journey of female entrepreneurial success. This is my plan of action for this week!!


If you have read the book as well, please let me know what your thoughts are in the comments? Also, Are there are other books you can recommend?


Until next time, lots of love, Iona <3


p.s Please click here to purchase your own copy of ‘She Means Business’ by Carrie Green


p.p.s In true Mums Tax Break style I am writing this at 00:29 on a Saturday night with my toddler cuddled up next to me watching cartoons!