Summer Holiday Balance IS Possible for Mumpreneurs

Summer Holiday Balance IS Possible for Mumpreneurs

Let me show you how

This post has been written from the heart, I want to help mums in business because I am one too and I know how hard it can be juggling your business and your children in the summer holidays. This year though I am on a mission to find the balance that my family and I deserve and I invite you to join me.

Together, ladies, we can do this!

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The Four Month Recovery

Last year I started the summer holidays with a bang. I was determined to do everything, I was ready to have my cake and eat it. The problem was I hadn’t done any organising or planning and simply jumped into the summer, both feet first.

Looking back, the first three weeks were a total blur. I tried to be the perfect mother, taking the children here, there and everywhere, doing crafts with them, and playing whatever crazy games they concocted. I spent the evenings working till the early hours, determined not to fall behind with my work. After all, as a self-employed mother, I rely on my income and couldn’t afford to let my business slip.

Suddenly, I hit the Mumpreneur wall.

I had literally burnt myself out. The last three weeks were a complete contrast to the first. I felt physically ill with exhaustion and stress so much so that I hardly did any work and even found playing with the kids difficult. I was afraid to go anywhere because I was panicking about money and the heavy feeling of guilt was dragging me down.

I had tried to do everything, but without preparation, I ended up achieving nothing.

What made this experience so much harder was it didn’t end it September. I started the new school year on such a back foot that I spent 4 whole months catching up! In my line of work January is always busy because it’s the month my clients compete have to complete their tax returns, this year I had to work incredibly long hours to get the job done and this was all because of my summer holiday fail!

I cannot and will not let this happen again but I know now that good will alone will not make this summer any easier. I have to take control and organise myself before the final home time bell rings so I have spent the last month researching and preparing and I want to share with you what I have learnt. With this new knowledge and the right tools, I feel empowered as a mum and a business woman and you can feel this way too.

To help both myself and other women like me, I have created The Mumpreneurs Guide to a Business Savvy 6-week Summer Holiday with 6 golden rules to follow that will enable you to have a fun, balanced and productive holiday so when September comes you are ready to get back on track and hit the ground running.

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Plan Ahead

My number one golden rule is planning. Being organised doesn’t just mean planning your day, it means planning it realistically and efficiently. One of my biggest mistakes last year was over stretching myself; I didn’t plan for any balance. This is what led to burn out and my intention to not lose any business actually became counter-productive as all work was lost in the last 3 weeks!

This year I PLAN to work only between the hours of 9am – 1pm. This will give the kids the chance to have lazy mornings and then give us all a stress and guilt free afternoon. I may not be working my full hours throughout the holidays but organising myself this way will give me the opportunity to be consistent and long term I will get more done.

I have also created a holiday planner that I have already started filling it, I have blocked out my holiday days and marked off the time my youngest is in childcare plus my partner’s shifts so I know when he is available to ‘babysit!’

Keep Your Clients Happy

My 3rd golden rule in the guide is to keep your clients happy. Obviously, as a self-employed mum, customer care is essential. Retaining customers can make a difference between a successful and failed business. This pressure can cause stress and anxiety and is what leads us to work until we burn ourselves out.

The truth is though; we deserve a holiday just like anyone else. Giving ourselves a break and a chance to refresh makes us better at our job. Most clients will understand this and those that don’t are not worth worrying about.

Even though they will understand you still need to manage your reduced hours and holiday time and make your clients aware well in advance so they can adapt their expectations of you. I created a template letter that I personalised to my clients to inform them of my plans over the holidays. This has worked a treat and the response I have had back has been really positive.

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We can do this

I had been feeling anxious about the holidays but as the summer holiday fast approaches, taking action has made me feel empowered. I have everything in place and have carved out time for everyone including me!

For just £4.99 you can be empowered too. My Mumpreneurs Guide to a Business Savvy 6-week Summer Holiday which is the result of hours of research and organisation.

What will you receive?

– A 22-page downloadable guide and workbook

– 6 golden rules to creating a stress-free and efficient summer holiday

– Summer holiday calendars

– Our best-picked childcare choices

– Email templates

– Checklists and summaries

– Weekly schedules and to-do lists

– Lots of fun ideas

My 6 golden rules are bitesize chunks full of advice, hints and tips and are all accompanied by a worksheet to complete so you put some structure into your summer.

For a limited time only as a launch special all of this can be yours for a small price of £4.99.

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How to Avoid Mumpreneur Business Burn Out

How to Avoid Mumpreneur Business Burn Out

The life of a mumpreneur is certainly never dull and rarely quiet. This hectic lifestyle can be exciting, exhilarating, extremely rewarding and utterly exhausting all at the same time! Mostly we just about manage juggling everything but there are times when we push ourselves too far and risk dropping all the balls; this is business burn out.

What use are we as a mother, a business owner, a wife, daughter, sister, friend then? What use are we to anyone if we have reached the end of our tether and just can’t function like a human anymore?

In this post I will share with you my top 5 tips to avoid business burn out as a mumpreneur and stay in control.

1.      Get your systems in order

Being disorganised is linked to feelings of confusion and overwhelm. One of the first steps to taking back control is to organise yourself. This means your desk, your diary, your paperwork and even the files on your computer. It also helps to take this approach with other parts of your life outside of business including your wardrobe, the kid’s toys or the kitchen cupboards.

The catch is this means taking time out of your day to day business and this is what prevents many business owners taking this proactive step. We worry that if we stop for just a moment, we step out of the race and we somehow loose. The truth is that at times, stopping is the most powerful, productive step we can take. 

Stopping to organise yourself will give you the chance to take stock of where you are and where you are going, to organise your systems and make them more efficient. It might take you a day to organise your desk but it could save you endless hours looking for things in the long run.

If organising everything in one go is too much just tackle one thing a week. As you make progress you will feel more in control and motivated to organise other areas of your life.

2.      Block out time for you

Look in your diary; between work commitments and activities with the kids, find time for you. Physically block this time out and do not allow other appointments to be booked at the same time.

Use this time to connect with yourself; take a bath, do some yoga, take a walk, meditate. Do whatever feels good and ideally do it alone. Although meeting with friends and spending time with family is a very positive thing, you need time with just your own thoughts too.  Allowing time and space to just be, is proven to be good for the brain, when we are around other people we might be trying to solve their problems or adjust our behaviour to meet their needs, when you are on your own, you have no one to impress but yourself.

The bonus of this alone time is that people often find their most inspired business ideas come to them in solitude; they simply gave themselves the opportunity to listen to their thoughts, the results of which can be magic.

3.      Prioritise

You may have an absolutely huge to do list and if you’re anything like me, you will never get to the bottom of it. Think carefully at the beginning of each day; what are the three most important things that need to be done by sundown? Prioritise these and then anything else that is achieved is a bonus.

We all know how some days simply don’t go to plan, it might be the husband, the children or a client, but we can find ourselves tackling tasks we never considered necessary at the beginning of the day. This is why the prioritising is important; no matter what happens you can surely complete three tasks; this will stop you feeling like a failure when you don’t tick everything off.

4.      Be assertive

Saying no is difficult as a business owner; the fear is that if we turn down work then we lose customers and our business completely fails. The reality is though that if we take on too much we are not able to complete the work to the best of our abilities. The result will be dissatisfied customers which is far more dangerous for our business than politely turning down work.

Know how much work you can genuinely handle and if your work load is getting too much simply communicate with any new customers that you are fully booked for x amount of time. Be clear when you will be available and be flexible in your approach offering them space when your diary is clearer.

If you communicate well and they are willing to wait for your services then fabulous, but if they go elsewhere, don’t worry about it. Saying no (nicely) gives you the time and space to look after your current customers, your family and yourself to the high standard you all deserve.

5.      Outsource

If you feel like you are swimming upstream trying to tackle a side of your business that doesn’t bring you joy, you will probably waste hours and not get anywhere fast. There is a myth with outsourcing that it’s expensive but if you consider the time you save going around in circles and the speed in which an expert can do the same thing, it is actually a cost effective way of spending money. You could be using your time much more effectively and physically growing your business as a result.

This might include content writing, social media or, your tax return or your accounts. Recognise what doesn’t excite you and find the right man (or lady) for the job.

Here at Mums Tax Break, we specialise in keeping your accounts well organised, balanced and up to date. If this is an area of your business that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of burn out – get in touch for a free consultation, email us at