‘Go get them Goals’

‘Go get them Goals’

So,Why a Vision?


Woohoo! It’s ‘Go get them goals’ week here at Mums Tax Break. Did you get a chance to read last weeks blog where we talked about vision boards? A lot of you were probably thinking what has vision boards got to do with new year goal setting… There is reasoning I promise!



I’ve been running Ivy Wood Bookkeeping & Accountancy for almost 5 years now. I set up the business when I was 25 in a really short space of 8 weeks and at the time my only goal was to earn the same amount of money that I did in my day job, I didn’t really think about where I wanted the business to go, I just took each day has it come. I run the business that way for the next 3 years and it was only when my baby girl was fast becoming a toddler interrupting my working hours (at the kitchen table) that I realised I had to make some changes and plan ahead for the future.


As I mentioned last week, I’ve been attending Bev’s vision board workshops for the last couple of years now so I’ve always known what I’ve wanted for my future, what kind of house I wanted to live in, my ideal car, a wedding, fancy holidays and of course my baby girl. Everything was all there on my vision board that I just stuck on my bedroom unit gathering dust and I almost expected everything to just be delivered to me one day without actually doing anything. HUGE mistake!


The reason I asked you to create your perfect vision boards is because it is important to have clarity and purpose in life. Once you know what it is you want to achieve you can almost work backwards in your goals setting.



The best way to do this is to break down your visions into specific areas such as personal, family, career, business, home life, social, etc and look into each area individually more in depth, you’ll soon be able to identify what the smaller actions you will need to take are and start setting some goals.


So, How do you ‘go get them goals’?



Goals need to be SMART. There are a lot of variations for the term ‘SMART goals’ – The main one being specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.


Personally, they just remind of studying business studies at A level and are almost off putting so for the purpose of this blog I’m going to use the following, I think they are the most mum appealing.


S – Significant, The goals must be significant to your overall vision, you need to feel an almost passion for them and make sure that they are well defined so you know exactly what you are aiming for.


M – Motivational, If your goals do not motivate you, how likely are you able to stick to them? Motivation will give you give you an inner self confidence and keep you focused and determined to stay committed. You need to able to wake up in the morning and want to go get them.


A – Achievable, I do believe in dream big or fake it until you make it as some would say, but when setting your 2017 goals make them achievable. Chances are if they are over the top you will lose focus and give up sooner rather than later. If you do find you are able to achieve your goals quicker than initially planned you can always raise the bar and set them higher throughout the year.


R – Rewarding, Once you complete the goal you need be able to take something away from that that will make you feel amazing! It could be big or small, an emotion or something physical.


T – Trackable, You need to set your self a deadline as to when you want to complete the goal by, whether its monthly, quarterly or yearly. Throughout that deadline set up check points to keep on track of your goals and measure the progress you’ve achieved so far and what you still need to do.



So, to round up the last few weeks…


– What are your dreams? Create a vision board of what you would like in life and identify any long term goals.


– Break those long term goals into smaller (less scary and more achievable) goals and put together a plan of action.


– Work, Work, Work! Once you have a plan of action in place, Start working on achieving your goals, You’ll soon get there. Now ‘Go get them Goals’



Next week will be a little more business focused as you can apply visions and goal setting to all areas of your life. I’ll be talking numbers, in particular – financial targets, which I know is scary but I promise I’ll make it really easy for you.


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Vision Boards – You have the power within YOU!

Vision Boards – You have the power within YOU!

This weeks blog has been sent to us by the lovely Beverley at Awaken Life Coaching – I’ve known Bev for almost 5 years now and she has taught me so much both on a personal and business level that I was over the moon she agreed to be our guest blogger. At the start of each year I go all the way to Monmouth to attend her vision board workshops and they are amazing, so it seemed only right this was the perfect topic for Bev to cover.

I know, I know you’re probably thinking what a load of nonsense but over the years just a few of the biggies that I have been able to manifest exactly as they are on my boards include my Vauxhall corsa (with heated steering wheel & seats, my exact specification), a baby girl and business growth. There are lots of smaller things too and many coincidences.

Anyway less of me… Here is the blog!

Vision Boards – Bring yourself and leave with your future in your hands

I was introduced to Vision Boards many years ago and due to their success I actively now work with others to encourage and show them how to develop theirs.  As I travelled through a big life change where I crashed out of a 30 year career through burnout I discovered that by placing all my future plans in words and pictures on a board they over time became my reality.

I learnt that vision boards are basically a great way of placing all the things you would like your life to be on one board.  By then placing the board in a prominent position within your home or office it will act as a constant reminder of where you want your life/ business to be.

They can be as low-key or ambitious as you want them to be – it’s up to you.  Like any artist you start with a blank canvas and then the fun begins; the creativity within you is set free.  Armed with magazines, newspapers, leaflets, print outs – you name it if it’s visual you can use it – pictures and words can be placed on your board,  so why not let 2017 be the year you allow your spirit and intuition run free.

Grab a scissors and some glue – place your board in front of you and off you go – apart from these fundamentals the only other thing you need is the BELIEF that whatever you place on the board can and will happen – because YOU WANT IT TO!!

Trust me – it works!

So what do you do next – well here is my guide to creating your vision board for the year ahead:

Vision Boarding

Your Vision board is Your Vision!

How do they work?

  • By helping you to focus on the things you want to bring to your life

‘The Law of Attraction’

 The 7 steps to making your vision reality come in the form of

  • Visualisation – The picture / words
  • Clarity – Be clear / be precise
  • Thought – The image in your mind
  • Feelings – Using your imagination, how it feel when the vision is indeed your reality
  • Determination – To succeed and follow all opportunities that present themselves
  • Belief – The Power – Positive Thoughts, you HAVE to Believe
  • Inspired Action – Take when opportunities present themselves

How to Create Your Board

  • Take time out for yourself, this is not a speedy process although you can do it over a short period of time.
  • Find space, you will need this to be creative
  • Surround yourself with good energy – use music, candles, lighting to create your space
  • You will need a board, scissors, creative tools, glue, stickers, magazines

Then before you start!

  • De-clutter – this is important in all areas but specifically in the creation of the board, you must clear your mind and create the board in a positive frame of mind!
  • Write a gratitude list of all the things you currently have in your life that you are thankful for.
  • Write a list of all the things that may or are holding you back from your dream
  • Clarity – You must be clear and precise about what you put on the board, you must know that whatever you put on the board you can embrace when it comes to you.
  • Confidence – you must have the confidence and self esteem to carry out any actions needed to pursue your vision, if you haven’t consider reading some books or attending some courses that will help
  • Beware of confidence thieves or those who are imposing their limiting beliefs on you.
  • Determination and Belief again are an absolute MUST!

Once you have worked through the above then you are ready to be creative!

  • Cut out of magazines, papers, brochures etc photos, words, quotes etc of all the things you want in your life. Use whatever fits best with your vision, there is no right or wrong
  • Taking a photograph of yourself, place it in the middle of the board, this is important as it is your focus of energy that will feed through what you place on the board – only place on the board a photograph you are happy with.
  • Glue all your cuttings around the centre photograph

You do not have to complete the board in one go, it can be a moving cycle, you can add things as you go along.  People I know have a new board for each year, whilst others have a five year board; it is whatever works for you.

  • Once the board is complete sit back and study it, how does it make you feel?
  • Take a piece of paper and whilst looking at the board write a list of Affirmations – these are positive statements which put you into the vision e.g. I drive a Range Rover Evoque, We travel as a family all around the world, I live in a 4 bedroom house with a drive.

Remember all Affirmations start with the positive and are in stated in the NOW!

I am, I will, I can, I do etc

Whilst looking at your board try and list 10.

Then place your completed board somewhere where you will see it EVERY DAY. It is important to spend a few minutes with your board to absorb your vision as when you fill your mind with the reality you are imagining the physical world / the universe reacts to bring it to you.

In the beginning you may feel like ‘it’ll never work’ but have patience and as time passes you will see your board come to life.

So I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a 2017 where all your dreams come true – because you made it happen!

You have the Power within YOU!!


Hopefully, you all enjoyed Bev’s blog as much as I did, I know for certain I’ll read this through a few more times between now and me finishing all my cutting and sticking for my 2017 vision board to make sure I haven’t missed anything! If you’d like to read more about Bev, Please visit her website over at Awaken Life Coaching or purchase her book Made it Thru the Rain over on amazon (The reviews on this one are glowing)! 

Next week, I’ll be talking goals and how to go get them. So now is the time to get your vision for the journey ahead down in to visual form so we can start planning in more detail.

Take Care, Love Iona


New Year, New Start… Resolutions or Goals?

New Year, New Start… Resolutions or Goals?

The start of a New Year for a lot of people normally symbolises a fresh start– New Year resolutions such as losing weight, joining the gym, saving money or to quit smoking I’d imagine are popular choices… But is that enough? Or is that even what you really want?

Resolutions or Goals?

Hello – I’m Iona and I am the main mum here at ‘Mum’s tax break’ Every single year I think up a list of new year resolutions like those mentioned above and it always ends up with the same result, I just lose money! I decide to lose weight, I sign up to a 12-month minimum gym contract that I use no more than maybe 6 times and I buy a 12-week countdown at the local slimming class that I stop attending after week 3 because I’ve had one too many takeaways! It’s got me thinking what is a new year’s resolution and are they just a waste of time?

After a quick nosey over on the Oxford Dictionary website, a resolution is a noun, meaning a firm decision to do or not do something.

That definition explains a lot (for me at least), If I use the weight loss as an example. My previous resolutions are as simple and basic as ‘Lose weight this year’ After week 3 I might have lost maybe 6 or 7 pounds, does that mean my self-conscious is ticking that off as complete and I’m dismissing it for the remainder of the year? After all, I have lost weight, I just didn’t specify how much I wanted to lose.

This is where goals become more interesting and appealing.

A goal is a noun, meaning the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

If I was to set myself a goal of maybe ‘Lose 2 stone by December’ would I be more successful in doing so as I know what the finishing line will look like?

For 2017, I am officially ditching the resolutions and instead putting some goals into action.

Now for the fun part

I think before you set yourself some goals you need to know what your perfect bigger picture looks like.

I’m a mum of two, I run a bookkeeping & accountancy practice around family life, I’m a home owner and I drive a Vauxhall corsa (Lovely car but as been known to be very unreliable), yet to be engaged.

What is my vision for the future? You’ll have to wait until next week to find out my perfect bigger picture but for the time being I’ll leave you with one tiny glimpse to what the future holds…

I have developed ‘Mums tax break’ as a way of giving self-employed, stay at home, working mums (just like me) a break from worrying about your end of year tax returns! Not only will I be offering an affordable accountancy service, each week I will be updating the blog based on monthly themes  packed with information, ideas and fabulous freebies! I advise you give yourself a 15-minute tea break with a KitKat to read each one through – Just by doing this alone I am giving you an overall 13 hours down time throughout 2017.

January’s blog theme as you may have already guessed is based around ‘New Year Goals’, Over the coming weeks we will see the lovely Beverley Jones from Awaken Life Coaching provide us with a how to guide on creating a vision board (This is when you will get to see my bigger picture too), Followed by my best ‘Go get them Goals’ hints and tips before we reach the daunting part of financial goals and planning ahead, but don’t worry I promise to make them as straight forward as possible. At the end of January as a Thank You I will be sending out all my subscribers a ‘Go get them Goals’ workbook including financial goals templates.

So yep back to that glimpse of my vision – I aim to build a list of 500 subscribers to ‘Mums Tax Break’ by the end of 2017.

If you would like to be part of that goal here is the link to the sign up form http://bit.ly/mumstaxbreaksignup– We look forward to hearing from you.

Next week I will share with you my completed vision board, but before then why don’t you spend some time thinking about your vision – what YOU would like for the future, personal and business? Have fun and be creative, I can’t wait to hear all your ideas. Love Iona xx